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Campground Entrance

Our Campground is Open for Daily/Weekly Camping from May 15th – December 1st

The Lake Arrowhead Campground is for the exclusive use of Lake Arrowhead Property Owners who are in good standing, their families, and their guests. The Campground features a shower house, pavilion, play structure, fire rings, electric hook-ups, a waste dump station, and outside camper storage. Water is turned off to the sites on October 15th. Water is turned off to the Shower House on December 1st. Campground mail can be sent to the LAPOA office. 

family camping

aaandaYearly Camping Waiting List

We maintain a waiting list for Yearly Camping spots. Sites will be assigned in order as vacancies arise to members in good standing and whose assessments are paid.  For information about yearly sites and to request to be placed on the waiting list, please contact the Campground Manager. The next available yearly sites will  be assigned in the following order to: Beth & Rob Rauchman, Don Beers, Eric Tomkow, Ron & Inga Mello, Kyle Steiner and Paul and Judy Cutting.

morning fisherman lake
Wave/Wake Boats

Although Buhl Lake is an “all sports lake,” it is relatively small and the large waves produced by wave boats have the potential of causing immense  damage to shorelines, homes,  and other watercraft. If wave boats are used on our lake they must reduce speed within 300’ of a shoreline; have no ballast; avoid turning in tight circles; and avoid disturbing the shorelines.

Boat Launch

The boat launch and dock are located a short walk North of  Anita’s Park, the Association’s largest park. The Boat Launch Dock is normally scheduled to be installed as soon as the ice has melted (no later than May 1st) and is to be removed after Oct 15th.  Other docks are scheduled to be installed by May 15th and removed after Sept 15th. Cars and boat trailers may be left off the side of the road on the common property near the boat launch or at the main park while members are out enjoying the lake. Parking at the boat launch must not interfere with the Fire Lane or the boat launch. Police will be called and violators’ vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owners’ expense. Even in winter this area must remain clear so that fire fighters can refill their trucks with water. Members’ boats used for their own personal enjoyment may be moored at the community parks for no more than 72 hours in any seven day period. Large boats must be secured bow and stern (anchored) to prevent the boat from swinging into other watercraft. Boats owners’ contact information must be easily visible. Boats may not interfere with the boat launch or prevent other members from enjoying the parks. Boats may not be left at the boat launch dock.

lake and pavilion


Each of the six subdivisions around Buhl Lake has a neighborhood park, most with picnic tables and play equipment. Anita’s Park, our main park also features a Basketball/Pickleball court, a fishing dock, a designated lake swim area with raft, as well as Lancaster Hall which contains our Office, a Pavilion and our Pool. The wooded island near the center of Buhl Lake is commonly known as Elk Island. This natural setting is one of our most beautiful parks and is normally accessible by an easement. To access it now you will have to go by boat or get your feet wet!

lapoa gathering lake


Like all the Lake Arrowhead amenities, use of our pool is restricted to Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association members who are in good standing and their guests. The pool is normally open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Parents must supervise children. There are NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY.  Please, no eating in the pool area! Please download the complete set of rules by clicking the button below.


The roads in Lake Arrowhead are owned and maintained by the Association. All state traffic laws apply! For the safety of all, please abide by our 25 MPH Speed Limit. In Winter, priority is given to plowing Arapaho, the mailbox area, the bus stop-equipment garage area, and then roads from the inner circle outward. During the warm weather, the dirt roads are graded and dust control is applied. This continuous attention to the roads normally keeps them in great shape. It also means that there can be absolutely NO PARKING ON THE ROADS! ATV and snowmobile riders use our roads too so please watch out for them. They too must obey the 25 MPH road speed limit. We encourage recreational vehicle riders to avoid cars by using our many trails. Heavy vehicles are prohibited from traveling on Arapahoe. To enter Lake Arrowhead, heavy trucks should take Spring Gay Road to Aranac Trail as the alternate route.

Guest Parking

Limited, short term guest parking is available at the large park and in designated areas near the Maintenance Building. Tim needs lots of room to maneuver the tractor and truck so don’t park anywhere near the garage door or sand/stone piles. We ask that you no longer park near the mailboxes as vehicles left there make it difficult to keep the area clear of snow. During the winter, there is also room for a car or two near Lancaster Hall (formerly known as ” The Office Building”). No trailers there please!

School Bus Stop Waiting Room

The Maintenance Building has a heated waiting room with seating for students to stay in while they wait for the bus or for their rides. Free, open Wifi is available here for members to use.

Limited Free Internet Wifi

Limited free internet Wifi for our members has been set up in the Pavilion-Lancaster Hall area, the Campground, and by the Maintenance Bulding. No password is necessary. When you log on, you will be connected to the internet and to the LAPOA network. The name of the signal is: LakeArrowheadWiFi

This is a public network for all members and their guests to access. No security, no encryption, but devices also cannot “see” each other so users cannot “attack” another user’s device, get data, etc. Access is granted once per day and speed is limited to 1 Mbps so that no one can “hog” the network.

1. Coverage is  focused in the pool/Lancaster Hall/pavilion/park and surrounding areas, the Campground, and the Maintenance Building areas.
2. Please carefully review the terms and conditions before clicking “continue” on the splash page. There are several key details included of which all users should be aware.
3. The WiFi network is provided as a best effort “as-is” service. We will do our best to keep the network up and operational. If you are experiencing a problem accessing the network, please let Dwayne Crocker know via Facebook/messenger or Next Door. He is alerted remotely if the network goes down or is experiencing Internet connection problems, but sometimes it may take an affected user to notify him if he is not automatically alerted.