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Buying Property in Lake Arrowhead

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Please contact the LAPOA Office prior to any real estate transactions in Lake Arrowhead.  After closing, please send us a copy of your registered deed or land contract as well as your contact information. 

You may call the Office with your contact information or submit a completed Contact Information Form, which you can download below. Owners of LAPOA lots who are in good standing, are entitled to use our amenities, including renting a campsite in our campground. 

Otsego County currently owns several Lake Arrowhead lots. County owned lots that were not sold at auction are available for immediate purchase. Additionally, some of our members have vacant and/or improved properties for sale. If you are interested in purchasing property in Lake Arrowhead, you can find  these properties by taking a drive through our beautiful Association and looking for “For Sale” signs, or by contacting a local realtor. In addition, some members have expressed interest in selling their properties and have granted permission for us to share their contact information. Please contact the LAPOA Office for a list of vacant properties that may be available for purchase. Note that some of these properties may have outstanding dues or taxes owed. LAPOA does not get involved in sale transactions. 

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Building in Lake Arrowhead

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