Lake Arrowhead Property Owners Association

Arial view of Lake Arrowhead by Brett Aubry. Taken April 2016.

Lake Arrowhead is a private community of 6 subdivisions surrounding Buhl Lake near Gaylord, Michigan.  Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful setting for relaxing vacations and full time living.  It is our good fortune to be close to outstanding recreational facilities and the finest natural resources Michigan has to offer.

While we are private in regard to the use of the pool, lake, campground and other facilities, we must of course abide by all County, State and Federal laws.

All property owners are members of the Association.  As members we each have a voice in making the decisions and rulings that govern all of us.

Membership Dues enable our Association to provide our members with well maintained roads, trash disposal, parks,  a pool, and more! The 2017  LAPOA annual membership dues are only $143.22/year for Primary lots whether improved or vacant; and $74.26/year for Secondary lots.  Additional lots with a well and septic are billed at the Primary lot rate. Bills go out to owners each year on March 1st to their last known mailing address. Payment is due upon receipt. A $50/lot late fee is added June 16th to any accounts in arrears. At our July 4, 2015 Membership meeting our members approved two increases that commenced in 2016. Primary and Secondary lots now have an automatic 3% “cost of living” annual dues increase so that the Association can keep up with increasing operating expenses. In addition, a separate $71/year assessment is now added to only Primary lots to fund a Reserve Fund for large replacement/maintenance projects.

LAPOA Bylaws Updated 7-1-2017

LAPOA Rules Effective 3-1-2017

Please see the “Real Estate and Maps” page of this website for information regarding deed restrictions and permits for building projects in Lake Arrowhead.