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2017-2018 Board of Directors Election Results

Thank you to all our members who accepted nominations to the board this year. Our newly elected board members with three year terms are: Cory Ames, Tom Rozycki, Marcia Schick, Connie Stubli, and Gordon Wearsch. Stephen Besson, and Carolyn Wright will each have one year terms, completing the terms of Anita Wheaton and Dwayne Crocker who have resigned from the board. Chris Speen will be our new board President, and Cory Ames will serve as our Vice-President.

History: American Central Corporation was the original developer of the land that has become Lake Arrowhead. A gentleman by the name of Al Lancaster was here from the beginning of LAPOA. Mr. Lancaster served the Association well for many years as president, historian, and in other capacities. Connie Stubli, our current historian, and a member of our board, came into possession of several boxes of documents that had been held by Mr. Lancaster. Connie spent many, many, hours over several months sorting through all the documents. For Connie, this was a labor of love. Her work resulted in eight binders of historic documents that are now organized and kept in the Office Building. Thank you Connie for all your hard work!
LAPOA members may browse through “The Al Lancaster Collection” of documents during regular Office Hours. These binders of original documents are precious to our Association and may not be borrowed or removed from the Office Building. Thank you again Connie! Many generations of our members will appreciate this wonderful gift.
Except for holidays, the office is normally open Tuesday 1-3 p.m, Wednesday 5-7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9-11 a.m.

Power outages: Report power outages at 1-800-678-0411.  If you want to check on power outages, the Great Lakes Energy website has a handy “Storm Central” page with a map of current power outages.

Northern Michigan Snow Totals Snow amounts vary greatly. This graph is an average of snowfall measurements around Gaylord and other Northern MI cities. To get Snowfall results from the NWS Passenheim Rd. weather station (closest to Lake Arrowhead) go to: and look for the Gaylord WSO weather station. Then choose Accumulation graphs, adjust the dates,  and choose Snowfall as the variable.

Safety on Ice

Fire Danger Level

Burn Permits

Gaylord Recreation

Snowmobiling Information

Current Michigan Boating and Personal Watercraft Law

Michigan Offroad Vehicle Educational Handbook

paser-manual  This manual explains the criteria for evaluating the condition of paved roads such as our Arapaho Road.

Keep apprised of all the news! LAPOA information is posted on this website, in newsletters, and at the mailboxes. The most current news can be found on our Facebook and  Nextdoor pages where updates occur almost daily.

Nextdoor is a  social media group  accessible primarily to homeowners in Lake Arrowhead.  To join, go to and enter your Lake Arrowhead address. Nextdoor will verify that the property is located in our neighborhood. If you have difficulty  getting verified, please notify Mary Davignon, the Association secretary at  As ofJuly 2017, Nextdoor has over 180 Lake Arrowhead members. This year Nextdoor changed us from a “Lake Arrowhead only” social site to one that is linked to a “Nearby Neighborhood” which is Lakes of the North. You can adjust your settings for privacy and to limit what people out of our Lake Arrowhead neighborhood can see. For a full explanation of how this works, please go to:

Lake Arrowhead updates are also posted on Facebook. You will need to open a free Facebook account to join in on the Lake Arrowhead FB page. Unlike Nextdoor, Facebook is open to everyone.  See and look for Lake Arrowhead Gaylord.

LAPOA Publishes three Newsletters each year (March, June, and September) and posts them on the website. Local businesses may now purchase ads in our newsletters. Please contact Mary at regarding purchasing an ad. Only the Summer newsletter is mailed to members. Click on the most recent newsletter below for current news.

Lake Arrowhead News September 2017 FINAL

We have a healthy lake! Check out the latest lake report and tips to keep it that way: AGS 17-5053 Lake Arrowhead 2017 Lake Management Report (1)

Lake Arrowhead News June 2017 Final

Lake Arrowhead News March 2017

Lake Arrowhead News September 2016

2016 AGS Road Maintenance Evaluation Report

2016 AGS Lake Management Report

Lake Arrowhead News June 2016

Lake Arrowhead News March 2016 Final

Lake Arrowhead News September 2015 Final merged                            This contains a substantial report from AGS on our lake improvement project and recommendations for riparian property owners.

Post Dredging Report 6-24-15

Lake Arrowhead News June 2015 Final

Lake Arrowhead Reserve Study  (This is a large document that may take several minutes to upload.)

Lake Arrowhead News March 2015

Lake Improvement: AGS Post Dredging Report 9-14-2015

Lake Arrowhead News September 2014 merged


 Lake Arrowhead News March 2014 Final

Lake Arrowhead News Fall 2013 final

Lake Arrowhead News Summer 2013 final

Lake Arrowhead News Winter-Spring 2013 newsletter final

Lake Arrowhead News Fall 2012 final

AGS 2012 Lake Study Report

Lake Arrowhead News Summer 2012 final

Lake Arrowhead News Winter-Spring 2012 final

Lake Arrowhead News Fall 2011 final  

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